July 21, 2015

Residential FAQ

Residential FAQ


Q: How do I know when it’s time for a new roof?

A: Roofs generally have a life expectancy of 20 years.  Some roofs exceed that and some don’t. Use that as a base for determining if you think repairs would get you more life or if you should put the money towards a new roof.


Q: I have an Asphalt Shingle Roof and it’s missing some shingles?

A: Asphalt Shingle roofs have proven themselves to be great roofs.  The original installation of the roof and the grade of shingle will determine the level of wind resistance the roof can take before it fails.  When a roof loses shingles the wind rating of the roof will decrease in half even after repairs are made.


Q: What are the best asphalt shingles on the market?

A: Asphalt Shingles are rated by quality in different areas, wind rating, years, some have reflective sun ratings.  To determine which company makes the roofing shingle that’s best for your building project is best decided upon after speaking with a licensed contractor.  Generally the higher quality roofs are identified by years and the more years such as 50 year shingle is generally a higher quality than a 30 year rating.  The manufacturer adds more material to each shingle which makes it an overall stronger shingle.


Q: My house receives a new leak every year.

A: This is a good sign that it’s time for a new roof.  Many older roofing systems are Asphalt based and after many years they lose elasticity or the ability to expand and contract with temperature change.  The failure in the roofing system has what is called indiscriminate splitting or random splitting caused by lack of elasticity in the product.  The only solution to the problem is to replace the material that is failing.  It could be felt that is found under a tile roof or an asphalt built up roofing system found on a flat roof.


Q: A storm just hit our area and my house has damage everywhere.  Who should I call for help?

A: Depending on the severity of the damage and what part of your house received the damage.  Generally your friend in this situation is a general contractor.  Opening an Insurance claim is generally the last thing on home owner’s minds for fear of higher rates but this with the assistance of a knowledgeable contractor who understands the insurance process.


Q: I have a water stain on my ceiling in my bedroom but I can’t find where the leak is coming from?

A: Finding leaks is definitely a skill and requires roofing and many times building knowledge to understand the root cause of the failure. Some leaks are very obvious and visible and others are hidden and difficult to pin point.  Water entering a house can be caused by failing windows, stucco walls, parapet walls and a failing roofing system.


Q: I just received 10 bids on my roof and don’t know which roofing bid to choose?

A: There is always a high and low bid and everything in the middle when it comes to the bidding process.  Every contractor has there go to money maker product that gives them the most profit.  That however doesn’t mean it’s the right roof for you.  When getting a bid know what roof you want and ask your roofer to provide you with a bid using your scope of materials.  This will give you an accurate understanding as to which contractor has the best price.


Q: I know I need a new roof.  Which roof is the right one for my house?

A: This is a difficult question to answer because only each home owner knows there budget for roofing when it’s time.  Everyone wants the best roof for their money but what does that mean? Remember Contractors price everything based on the skill level of the workers, pricing of materials.